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Dorothy & The Scarecrow


We are a theatrical equestrian drill team that performs original horse "musicals" celebrating famous characters from Hollywood movies. Our troop combines the talents of Hollywood stars and dancers with accomplished equestrians and smooth gaited National & World Champion Paso Fino horses. Above all we want to entertain.

This year we are premiering DOROTHY IN AHHZ - ON THE WRONG SHELF, starring dancers Kaitlyn Benson as the beloved DOROTHY and Horacio Galaviz as the SCARECROW OF OZ. The story is told with music and dance, stunts and prerecorded dialogue. It starts in a toy store where someone has left Dorothy and Scarecrow dolls on the shelf with the models of famous equestrians:

The Black Knight - King Richard
NAPOLEAN, ANNIE OAKLEY, D'ARTANGON, THE BLACK KNIGHT (King Richard the Lionheart,) PAUL REVERE, VELVET BROWN and PIE, (from NATIONAL VELVET) and GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE.It's late at night and the toys come to life.Conflict ensues as each one tries to impress Dorothy with his or her prowess and importance. Dorothy remains logical through the silliness and the sword fighting until the morning when they all return to doll form and Dorothy is returned to her shelf.

We have presented our acts at the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse and EquestFest in Burbank,

Annie Oakley
at Del Mar - Night of the Horse, The Paso Fino Gold Cup in Las Vegas and we have participated in many Parades including the Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara, Hollywood Christmas Parades and this year the Rose Parade.

OUR MARSHAL MARTHA COOLIDGE, is a Hollywood film director (VALLEY GIRL, REAL GENIUS, RAMBLING ROSE, THE PRINCE & ME) Also known for becoming the first woman President of the Director's Guild of America, she is an accomplished rider, holding several National Champion Paso Fino titles.

Our fight team Tom Montgomery and Tony Parvino are members of the Imperial Knights Production Co.

Gen. Robert E. Lee
with years of experience as actors, in performance fighting and professional international jousting.

Gen. Robert E. Lee
Our World and National Champion riders include renown trainers Jose Rodriguez, Gerardo and Raul Matos, and amateur champions KK DuBois and Madison Bray. Our horses are World and National Champions from California, Florida and Arizona. Our dancers are Horacio Galaviz, (WEEDS, THE MONK) and Kaitlyn Benson (GOSSIP GIRL, Masterpiece Dance Theater.

Our past performances have included THE LEGEND OF ZORRO,

Gen. Robert E. Lee
and ZORRO RETURNS both starred actor, dancer OBBA BABATUNDE (MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE and DREAMGIRLS on Broadway. Videos of some past shows are viewable on this site and on You Tube.

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT PASO FINOS? These beautiful horses are distinguished by their smooth riding four beat gait of variable speeds. The most unique gait is for shows called the Classic Fino with tight quick steps performed in full collection. Very few Paso Finos can do this and they are the only horses in the world that can. Descended from the Spanish horses brought to the New World by Columbus and the Conquistadors Paso Finos are one of the fastest growing breeds in the world.

We perform dressed in custom-made costumes. Many are original clothes from the period and others were designed for famous actors in movies. We are proud to be sponsored by WESTERN COSTUME of Hollywood the leading costume rental company for the movie industry.

Paul Revere
Our primary sponsor is THE CALIFORNIA PASO FINO HORSE ASSOCIATION dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Paso Fino Horse. Our sponsoring ranches are Rancho Fino of Ojai, Rancho Milagro of Hemmet and El Rancho de Cache of Los Angeles, CA.

Areas We Service
  • Los Angeles
  • Sunland
  • Shadow Hills
  • Burbank
  • La Crescenta
  • La Canada Flintridge
  • Glendale
  • Pasadena
  • North Hollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Montrose
  • Sun Valle
  • Sunland
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Toluca Lake
  • Northridge
  • Beverly Hills
  • Altadena
  • Lake View Terrace
  • Van Nuys
  • Encino
  • Sherman Oaks